What To Expect

How is this going to go??

From vendor coordination to pet care, we've got it covered.


Professional Care

Your Wedding Day Pet Attendant has your happiness and concern for your pet in mind always. Our goal is not only to provide you with the dream wedding you imagine involving your pet, but to also provide your pet with the best care and concern for safety.  We structure the day's plans for what is best for both you and your pet making sure they are comfortable with new surroundings, get all the exercise and attention they need, and are made to feel as special as any other member of your wedding party! 


Chauffeur Service

We'll pick your pet up at your house/groomers and get them to the venue, as well as take them home at your specified time. Why make a member of the wedding party miss out on the fun having to get them home when we can do it for you!?



From wedding bandanas to white leashes and floral wreaths, we'll make sure your pet is styling. You can provide your own attire for your pet, or we can show you our collection. We can also work with your florist to create matching flowers for the big day, or supply some beautiful options for you to choose from through our preferred floral vendors.