About Us

Hi everyone, my name is Renee and I'm a resident of Nashville, TN. I've been pet sitting for many years and after seeing this service offered at a friend's wedding out of town I realized we had nothing like it in Nashville. I loved seeing one of my favorite furry friends incorporated into his owner's big day and decided the pups of Nashville deserved this privilege too! 

Renee McNeill




"Renee has always been so great taking care of our young energetic Wazo (full blooded german shepherd) and our sweet little rescue mix Sunday.  We love that while we are out of town she sends pics and updates from them, and that they never seem like they lose their routine even though we have been away."  - Brian, Ashley, Wazo, and Sunday


"I have known Renee for approximately 14 years.  She has taken care of my pets in my home many times when my husband and I traveled.  I have a special needs dog that is blind and diabetic requiring two shots a day.  These days my husband and I never leave her alone.  One of us is always with her.  However, when my nephew recently got married I needed someone to stay with her so we could both attend the wedding.  There was no hesitation in calling Renee.  Renee is the ONLY person I trust to stay with her.  Renee is responsible, caring, and loves animals.  I highly recommend Renee" - Mechalle and Millie